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Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is performed for various reasons. Teeth that appear short having too much gum tissue and often too much bone can be lengthened creating a much more esthetic result. This procedure is called Cosmetic Crown Lengthening, also classified as Periodontal Plastic Surgery.

Teeth sometimes have to be crown lengthened for functional reasons. When a tooth fractures near or below the gumline, if decay (a cavity) develops near or below the gumline, or if there is not enough tooth exposed to place an orthodontic bracket, a functional crown lengthening procedure may be indicated. This procedure is achieved through careful reduction of the bone and gum tissue exposing more of the tooth and allowing access for the placement of a restoration or orthodontic appliance. Exposure of Unerupted Teeth-

This is a minor surgical procedure used to expose unerupted or impacted teeth and facilitate the eruption with the use of an orthodontic appliance or by simply creating a path with less resistance.